Eyebrow Extensions

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Now offering the latest eyebrow treatment Eyebrow Extensions!

Ever wanted that cara-esque brow (Strong eyebrows) or just sexy shaped brows?Then you can easily achieve this by just one 1hr appointment.  Eyebrow hair extensions are incredibly realistic. Hairstroke brows can be created in under an hour! The small hairs are strategically placed to create the natural pattern of hair growth. They can be added where hair used to be or where hair never grew. 

You can have that high eyebrow arch you've always wanted. You can create a completely different shape making your brows appear thicker and fuller than ever before! 

The possibilities are endless with eyebrow extensions. 


They are completely realistic. They will not look like they are tattooed on, drawn on powdered in. The hairs will look like they are growing out from your skin. unbelievably real!

They are suitable for everyday wear but you will need to have infills just like eyelash extensions or they can be worn for holiday or that special occasion.